39 Mashtots Ave., Suite 11
Yerevan 0009, Armenia
tel. +374 10 547 211
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Brothers Nalbandyan

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The trip of Brothers Nalbandyan began in 2008 (called 8 bit before). Walking within minimal techno, deep house and other house music styles, they’ve started to cooperate with some Italian labels such as TRC Trans Communications Records, Ethica Recordings, Taste Buds Digital, and more.
Since 2009 they change their musical style, turning to acid jazz, which they consider to be closer to their style. Soon after, they initiated the “Acid Rain” project with some famous Armenian musicians and have been holding several successful concerts. The concerts include author’s tracks only.
In 2010 Brothers Nalbandyan founded their own recording studio, SD Studio, together with David Arshakyan as their Sound Engineer. Brothers Nalbandyan are specialized in music creating and track arrangements.
With the opening of their Studio, Brothers Nalbandyan cooperated with singer Mish Amiryan by working on his first album called 3D Life. The songs of the album are mainly in Nu Funk, Acid Jazz, Neo Soul and P Funk genres. There is also a unique track with Georgian singer, Megi Gogitidze.


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