39 Mashtots Ave., Suite 11
Yerevan 0009, Armenia
tel. +374 10 547 211
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Cross Blues Band

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The group, Cross Blues Band was formed in September of 2011. Prior to their formation, some of the members were performing as a part of Crossroad Band. Their musical style of blues is already becoming well known. Their tracks mainly consist of classis blues songs, which they have improvised. All the members of the Cross Blues Band are already well established and are considered some of the best musicians in Armenia. They have held concerts at some of Yerevan’s well-known music clubs, as well as regularly participating in various festivals and public events.
Recently, they performed in Moscow and of course, in Yerevan, they participated in Armenia’s Europe Day as the main musical performance. They were also invited to perform with the French singer Nadia.


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