39 Mashtots Ave., Suite 11
Yerevan 0009, Armenia
tel. +374 10 547 211
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Eva Sujyan

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Eva was born in a family of musicians. She graduated from the Komitas classical vocal department of Yerevan State Conservatory from Gohar Gasparyan’s classroom.
Now, she is an individual vocal teacher.  From a young she has been playing guitar and has been writing songs.
From 2005-2009, she sang with “Stryfe,” a progressive metal band, which organized several rock festivals, including “Rock the Referendum,” “Rock the Borders,” and more.
In 2010, when “Stryfe” separated, Eve began singing some of her songs. Many people love her song “Hayastan” (Armenia).
In 2010, she participated in the “X factor” project. She sang various songs, including the song “Hallelujah,” which was most enjoyable.
She sang “Barcelona” with her brother, Gor Sujyani, at the rock band “Dorians” solo concert. She sang the song “Du Chkas” (You Do Not Exist) with the “Empiray ” band during their solo concert. She also collaborated with Vahan Rashi and shot a video for the song “Adana.”
Eve is a lover of rock music and in general she appreciates quality music and believes that music is the only force that can have an impact on people.


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