39 Mashtots Ave., Suite 11
Yerevan 0009, Armenia
tel. +374 10 547 211
America (NYC)Europe (Paris)


Imagine Band

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Imagine-band was created in 2009. At first it was a quartet. It is a Jazz-band with its singers.
Imagine-band tras taken part in a number of Jazz-fests and it has been very successful.
The program of Imagine-band includes jazz, blues, rock, jazz-rock and famous works from other genres. Imagine-band has also organized a lot of charity concerts and now it goes on organizing them.
Imagine performs a lot of works of its own. The Band often gives concerts and works with the best clubs in Yerevan.
The aim of Imagine is to provide beautiful music of high quality to the audience. Imagine is Jazz-fests and is trying to present its own works to the public.


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