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Kim Grigoryan

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Kim Grigoryan was born on November 20, 1990 in Gyumri, Armenia.
Parallel with secondary school, at seven years old he attended music school N3 in Gyumri in the Fortepiano Department. After graduating secondary school in Gyumri, he studied at Yerevan State University majoring in International Relations. He graduated in May 2013 and was awarded with a Bachelor’s Degree.
Willing to try himself in the sphere of music, he participated in the “X Factor 2” project on Shant TV. After becoming the winner of the television music competition he earned the opportunity to participate in the “X Factor” project in the UK as a VIP guest and had the chance to shoot a video-clip together with Sony Music Production. Mr. Grigoryan Performed a variety of styles during the project, from national songs to the rock genre, he sees his future music career in jazz blues and pop.
Currently he is collaborating with Shant TV and is involved in live concerts.