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Narine Dovlatyan

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Narine was born in 1991 in the Vayots Dzor region in the Malishka village. At 9 years old, she moved to Yerevan. In 2000, she entered the State Muscial Theatre and later in 2008 she entered the Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, jazz-vocal department. From a young age, she participated in various singing contests, such as “Crane” (2000) Festival, Armenian Superstar (2007), “Debut” Jazz Contest (2009), “Nova Volna” (New Wave) (2010-2012), Delfyan Games (2010), and more. Narine began attempting variety of styles of music and in 2009 she sang the «Two 4 the road» pop, and in 2010 «Upstairs» jazz group. In 2010, she collaborated with Haik Solar & Arni Rock, which resulted in her most popular song and one of the most well known songs in Armenia. The song was “Beautiful Sunday,” whose lyrics were written by Dzovinar Melkomian. Haik Solar & Arni Rock did the music and development of the song. Her first music video was for this song. Haik Solar & Arni Rock submitted the song to Blue Microphones, the world’s most prestigious competition organized by the producers Microphones. As a result of the competition, many other hit songs were born, mostly in an electro-pop/tango/house style. Narine performs solo concerts at famous clubs in Yerevan, both with the Haik Solar & Arni Rock project with the separate groups: Starting in 2011, she performed solo concerts in various Canadian cities. She also collaborated with Benjamin Stretta, who wrote the song “At My Feet.” Narine represented Armenia in an international competition in Sweden with this song. In 2011, Radio Van recognized her song “Beautiful Sunday” as the best hit song, and she as the best performer. In 2012, she won the musical discovery of the year award in Armenia and Moscow. She has sung with internationally recognized musicians such as, Daniel Lavoie, Dan Bigras, and Isabelle Boulay. She also started working with the  Armenia State Jazz Band as a soloist. Narine’s  successful song and video appeared in media discussions which discussed the new singer. Narine’s name became well known very quickly.

Many have compared her with Pink, Sia, Nora Jones, Adele, and of course Diana Krall, and not by coincidence. Narine finds her inspiration from these singers and sometimes even performers their songs at her concerts.


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