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Born in the outskirts of Goris city (Armenia), and later moved to Yerevan to receive her Bachelor’s degree in English Philology and Translation Studies at the State University, R.P. has never let her dream to sing fade away. She studied vocal at Armenia’s top vocal college Do-Re-Mi, and very quickly took part in various international song competitions where she was always highly rewarded.

Her first commercial release in 2007 was a breakthrough in the Armenian music industry. A firm collaboration between her and designer/music video director Vahan Khachatryan, and composers/producers Hayk Harutyunyan and DerHova, was considered by many in the industry as a revolution in the Armenian pop music world. That year she earned a “Newcomer of the Year” nomination at the National Music Awards.

The follow-up single “Karot” (a traditional song also known as “Martiki Yerge”) was a completely different presentation of R.P.’s many sides. Showing her vocal abilities in a traditional ballad song with complete live orchestration was produced by the well respected Ovation studio in Yerevan. The video was very different than her first single, showing R.P.’s dramatic talents in a very simple but very emotionally effective music video.

It goes without saying that national folk music plays a remarkable role in every Armenian. R.P. is not an exception. Since she was young, 18th century troubadour star Sayat-Nova’s songs have been a great inspiration for her. Her third single is a modern rendition of one of his greatest compositions titled “Ashkharhums”. The song produced by Armenian music producer DerHova is sure to be loved by a broader audience. Like all of R.P.’s music videos, “Ashkharums” will be another character driven music video.

Since 2009 R.P. has been the vocalist of the “Hayway” band and performs in various clubs and concert halls in Yerevan. R.P.’s best practice in music career was the participation in Eurovision song contest in 2011 as a back-vocalist from Armenia. The next one is the participation in the international song contest of young performers “Morskoy Uzel”, where she took the 1st place.

Currently R.P. is working on her folk album and preparing her own songs performing as a member of the “Hayway band”.
“This is the field that needs hard-working, on-going steps and firm efforts. And I’m ready for that”, R.P. says.


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