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During the last 11 years Reincarnation has had many successes. The group as participated in many festivals in Armenia and abroad in the U.S., Russia, Europe, etc.
They have also come out with CD’s during this time.

  • 2007-Janfida to Jamaika 60 km
  • 2010 – Mi Gdal Ser (A spoon of Love)
  • 2011 – Ser (Love), a sinlge
  • 2012 – Salt and Bread (coming soon)


  • 2008, Radio Van Award in Yerevan, Armenia – Best Music Song “Eli Lava”
  • 2009, Armenian Music Awards in Glendale, California, USA – Best Alternative Album “Mi Gdal Ser”
  • 2009, Radio Van Award in Yerevan, Armenia – Best Radio Van Soundtrack
  • 2010, Tashir 2010 AMA in Moscow, Russia – Best Hit Song “Eli Lava”
  • 2010, Top 10 2010 AMA in Yerevan, Armenia – Best Music Video “Mi Gdal Ser”
  • 2010, Radio Van Award in Yerevan, Armenia – Best Hit Song “Mi Gdal Ser”
  • 2011, Radio Van Award in Yerevan, Armenia – Best Hit Song “Ser”

The initial group was among the trash-metal, hard rock, punk rock styles.
In 2005, after the release of their album “Anoren” (Illegal) of their musical style, there was a sharp change in their style to reggae. They became the first Armenian reggae band.
In 2009, the group’s name became well recognized due to the soundtrack they created for the movie “Taxi Eli lava.” They remained in the tops hits for a long time due to this soundtrack.
There is great demand for Reincarnation at many public activities. They are invited because they are liked by the general public and provide a festive mood with their music.
They are known for spreading happy and positive ideas through their music. All age groups enjoy their music, especially those 15 – 35.
The bands musicians are:

(1)   Roland Gasparyan – Vocals, Guitar, Song Writer
(2)   Arthur Nazarian – Bass
(3)   Artur Margaryan – Solo Guitar
(4)    Karen Mamiknoyan – Keyboard
(5)   Marek Zaborski – Drums
(6)   Hayk Ghazarian – Wind Instruments
(7)   Tigran Suchyan – Wind Instruments
(8)   Artur Grigorian – Saxophone
(9)   Raffi Aivazian – Duduk, Clarinet
(10) Vahram Davtyan – Trombone


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