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The Beautified Project

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The Beautified Project is an English-language Alternative Dark-Rock band formed in UK in 2005. The band is based in Armenia. All three members of the band are originally Armenian. They are the most popular English-language band that Armenia has ever delivered. They are the first band from Armenia who has been aired on MTV. In 2011 BBC has made a documentary about the band when they were touring UK.

Albums: Serenades For Insanity (Demo Album): A demo album composed, recorded and released in UK by the founder of the band Andre Simonian in 2006. There are 6 songs on this album.

Behind The Happy Mask: First official album by The Beautified Project. The album was released in 2008. At this stage The Beautified Project was already a band consisted of three official members Andre Simonian, and twin brothers Armen and Arlen Shaverdian. The music video for the song ‘Me and My Despair’ became the first video from Armenia to be aired by MTV.

Beyond The Butterfly: Second official album by The Beautified Project. The album was released in 2010. The album enjoyed a great success in the band’s home-land Armenia and it was on the back of this album that the band started playing shows outside of Armenia.

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